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Titanium products: Pressure Tube, Camera Housing, Releaser, Drive, Pump, Inclinometer, Shackle, Swivel, Screws et cetera
OBS-System: Flat OBS-System, OBS-LOBSTER, Classic-Tripod-System, Seismometer
Lander System: Benthic Chamber, Syringe Sampler


Construction and manufacture of prototypes and small series as well as repair and maintenance works are done in our inhouse workshop equipped with all necessary machinery for mechanical cutting and for welding of titanium, steel and other materials.







All products are made of first-class quality titanium grade 5 or grade 2, tested, controlled, certified and operable up to 6000m depth (optional: full ocean depth).
Titanium Camera Titanium Releaser, 6,3kg water weight Titanium Drive (also available in stainless steel 1.4571)

Pressure Tubes (left) and Camera Housings (right) made of titanium are available in different lengths, diameters and maximum operation depth. According to the customers` requirements they are equipped with connectors, handles, inner lifes, etc.

The Releaser KUMQuat (left) is the latest titanium product - it is available as lightweight or heavy load releaser.
Extremely small and light are titanium standard Drives (right) that are especially suitable for deep sea operations.

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Pump: 1,5kg, 29cm Inclinometer: Titanium 1,5kg, POM 200g Shackle Type U-7500-N

Notice: Only remaindered stock available!


The 290mm long Pump is provided with  ball bearing motor that is magnetically coupled to the impeller.

The Inclinometer Stantan Micro in titanium or POM records inclination angles in two directions (± 45°).

Titanium Shackles in different sizes, even snap shackles, convince with their corrosion resistance. 

The titanium Swivel with a ceramic ball bearing is nearly maintenance-free. 

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Screws, nuts, washers,
size M6-M12

Titanium connection elements, DIN norm, e. g. :
Cylinder Head Screws
Hexagon Screws
Countersunk Head Screws
Threaded Pins
Washers and Spring Lock Washers
available in different lengths, sizes, threads, slots.

Screws / washers: from M3 up,
cylinder pins: 3mm,
socket M8 (N-Sat)






Flat OBS-System

OBS in upright position when ascending

Flat OBS in upright position

Classic tripod OBS

Classic OBS-model

3-component seismometer as big as a hand palm

Handy Seismometer

Ocean Bottom-Seismometer-Systems are used for investigating the sea bottom by means of subsea wave measurements (water waves and ground waves) and their evaluation.

For many years already K.U.M. cooperates with IFM-GEOMAR in continuous development of this system: in contrast to the classic "old" model (right) is the "new" flat one (left & middle) is much more easier to handle due to its modular construction.

General information: OBS-System

Picture show: Flat OBS-System

New system: OBS-Lobster

Information: Data Logger

The 3-C Seismometer with titanium body and grooved bottom plate  measures finest ground movements.  

   Interior seismometer: three geophones / sensors

Interior view: geophones

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Complete Lander: frame, glass spheres, launcher + instruments

Benthic Lander with launcher


Attachment Benthic Chamber and Syringe Sampler

Benthic Chamber with Syringe Samplers fixed to the carrier

Benthic Chamber

Syringe Sampler top view

Syringe Sampler


The 2,5m big (titanium-) Lander is an open frame with three legs and weights. It is for carrying a variety of marine instruments especially for deep sea studies.

Two of those instruments for example are Benthic Chamber and Syringe Sampler in use for sediment and water sampling out of the benthic layer.
An additional Stirrer effects that the water caught in the chamber is mixed thoroughly.

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Sediment Trap for particle catching Sedimentcorer Mini Muc with four sample tubes

Sediment Traps serve for the investigation of the vertical particle flux in a water column, Attached to mooring lines sinking particles are caught throught the cone and collected in sample bottles.

The compact Sedimentcorer "Mini Muc" is equipped with four sample tubes. They are 600mm long and have a diameter of 40mm or 100mm according to the sediment structure.

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Bottom Water Sampler with rack Multihorizon-Bottom Water Sampler designed and constructed for AWI

Bottom Water Sampler are designed for sampling the bottom closest water layers. Water probes are collected in sample bottles that are attached to a revolvable middle axis.

Two models are available: Bottom Water Sampler with rack (left) and Multihorizon Bottom Water Sampler (right).

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Core boxes for storage Steel dredge with chain bag Float units of syntactic foam

The modular Core Storage Rack system is for conservation, storing and transport of sediment cores and deep sea probes.

A vessel tows the robust Chain Bag Dredge made from steel over the seafloor and catches heavy rocks in its chain bag.

Compared to rather fragile glass spheres Float Units made of Syntactic Foam are much more resistant against bumps and shocks and can be adapted with holes, drills, hooks etc..

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