DEPAS German instrument pool for amphibian seismology
  GITEWS German Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System  








OBS-Pool Germany

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K.U.M is the supplier of 80 complete Broadband-Ocean-Bottom-Seismometer-Systems for the German OBS-Pool under the project management of Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar- and Marine Research in Bremerhaven.

The OBS-System LOBSTER is a new design (see left), that is also suitable for deployment in up to 7300m depth (see below). 








Tsunami Early Warning System (TEWS)

The devastating flood catastrophy in South-East Asia on 26th December 2004 as result of a seaquake in the Indian Ocean was trigger for the Indonesian Government to decide the implementation of a Tsunami Early Warning System with German participation at the Sunda trench. It aims at the early recognition of potential Tsunami flood waves by means of seismic measurements at the seafloor, those then to evaluate and, if occasion arises, to start evacuation measures in the affected areas / coastal regions.

The system comprises stations at the seafloor, offshore buoys with GPS (Global Positioning System) and land stations (warning center in Jakarta), communication is done via satellite. In case of a Tsunami the wave will be automatically detected and data will be transmitted to the warning center within a few seconds or minutes.


Left you see a scheme of  GITEWS:
"The gauging stations constantly collect all relevant data like seismic information, position, water column height, absolute pressure and differential pressure as well as internal engineering values. The OBU preprocesses all data it collects on the ocean floor and transfers it to the surface buoy via acoustic data transmission where they get bundled with the data collected by the buoy. All information then is transmitted to the Garuda communications satellite located at 123 degrees east in a geostationary orbit over Indonesia. The satellite then forwards the information to a ground based warning center for further processing."
Send Signal Elektronik GmbH, Rostocker Str. 20, 20099 Hamburg
This company is assigned with the project management of the underwater systems within the first experimental stage. 

K.U.M. is in so far involved in this project as the OBS-System, modificated and adapted to the requirements, serves as instrument carrier for the deployment in up to 6000m depth.

Beside the OBS frame made from high quality titanium, designated as OBU (Ocean Bottom Unit), the 4.5Hz titanium seismometers for ocean bottom measurements and the titanium Releaser KUMQuat K.U.M. also supplies the titanium tubes for the integration of components like sensors, recorders, modems, batteries.